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The Church of Spiritual Truth

The Church of Spiritual Truth was formed in 1941 in Battle Creek, Michigan by Rev. John Armistead, and is an IRS-approved 501(c)-3 non-profit trust.

Are we a religion?
Yes, in the original meaning of the Latin word "religare" - to connect. Religion is, for us, knowledge and practice of ways of drawing on all the sources of energy, harmony and knowledge in the universe.

Do we have dogmas?
Yes, only one: that we shall never have dogmas in anything.

Do we hold absolute truths?
We believe that if we consider ourselves to be in possession of the only exclusive truth and that everyone else is wrong, we have committed intellectual suicide, and constructed an impermeable stone wall around us, cutting us off from an ever-changing, ever-renewing universe, and frustrating forever our individual evolution. Those who maintain rigid attitudes, no matter how admirable the philosophy, have closed the door to truth and knowledge, and the fruits of an open, seeking mind can never be theirs. One-sidedness is the greatest mistake in life.

Do we believe in Revelation?
We believe that the Spirit speaks to mankind by Revelation. That is how the Spirit spoke to Moses and many other prophets. We believe that Revelation is an ongoing process that did not stop with the Apostle John and the Book of Revelation. The Spirit speaks to all people through Revelation on an ongoing basis; we simply need to learn to listen.
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Spiritual Sharing is suspended because our offices were
destroyed by file on Dec. 16, 2010, a tragedy in which
our Head Elder, Donald O. Haughey, was killed.

The Old Mill at Hodunk

Our ministry is supported by modest program fees
and Spirit-Motivated donations.

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Which recognized religion do we most approve of?
If we could bring together a discussion group of Jesus, Moses, Buddha, Krishna, Zarathustra, and all of the great founders of world religions, they would agree on all essential points. But if we were to bring to the same discussion one each of their followers, they would disagree on all points, essential and non-essential.

The essence of each religion is ageless and universal. But the sterile mind seeks the safety of dogmas, and remains enmeshed in the empty rituals and trappings of ceremony.

Therefore, we shall adhere to the original purity and simplicity of all the great teachings and avoid the commentaries, and commentaries about the commentaries, accumulated through the centuries, when the original vivid world conceptions were slowly strangled by dry and rigid theological rules and regulations.

What is the essence of our belief?
We believe in the Fatherhood of God, the Brotherhood of Man, and Oneness with Nature - we envision people living in a harmony of body, mind and spirit on an earth which is once more a garden and a forest.

How can such a belief be organized?
It cannot. We believe that "organization is the death of the idea," and that the best government is that which governs the least. We reject equally all forms of dictatorship and anarchy.

What, then, is our plan of action?
Let us leave to one side all that which divides us, all our shades of thought: political, social, religious and philosophical. Let us unite all the spiritual forces of Life against the forces of Deception and Death.

How can we do this?
Mutual knowledge of each other leads to mutual understanding. Mutual understanding leads to mutual cooperation. Mutual cooperation leads to peace, which is the only path to survival of mankind on this planet.

Do we believe in the attainment of happiness?
Happiness is not easy to find. It is difficult to discover within ourselves, and impossible to find elsewhere.

How, then, can we achieve happiness?
There are two kinds of pleasure in life. There are false pleasures, for which we must pay a very high price: the sacrifice of our physical health and our peace of mind. Without health and peace of mind we are unable to enjoy any pleasures.

The true pleasures are our eternal companions, all the beautiful sights, sounds and smells of Nature: the mountains, the forests, the oceans, the magic of the sunrise and the sunset, all the subtle and enchanting joys of the mind: great books, great music, great works of art, and the more intangible but equally enduring pleasures of friendship and love.

The wise man's program for creative living is to gradually replace false pleasures with our eternal companions, the noble and harmonious pleasures of life.

Very few of us see the world as it really is. Instead, we see it through the filters of conditioning - our likes and dislikes, prejudices, desires, interests and fears.

This is what fragments life for us, and pits person against person, community against community, and nation against nation.

In order to see the world and all life as an undivided whole we have to shed attachment to personal power, profit, pleasure and prestige.

Otherwise we cannot help looking at life though our individual conditioning, instead of as the safe, harmonious, inter-related whole that it is.

Church Offices
5678 Old Savannah Rd.
Midville, GA 30441

Board of Trustees
Rev. Donald O. Haughey (MI, deceased, in Loving Memory)
Rev. Dr. James Carey, Head Elder (HI)
Rev. Mary Moore (MO)
Rev. Frank Lovas (WI)


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