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"How could they ever believe in THAT?" - Understanding the moral and spiritual development of others. The Theologican Implications of Lawrence Kohlberg's Six Stages of Moral Development, by Rachel Cory-Kuehl. Kohlberg

Dr. David R. Hawkins is a nationally renowned psychiatrist, physician, researcher and lecturer, as his listing in Who's Who in America amply attests. He has been a guest of MacNeil/Lehrer, Barbara Walters and The Today Show. His previous book, Orthomolecular Psychiatry, co-authored with Nobelist Linus Pauling, sold out completely. POWER vs. FORCE is the culmination of twenty years' research. In it, David Hawkins conclusively proves the ability of kinesiological testing to distinguish truth or falsehood in any statement—an astonishing idea in itself, with far reaching implications for every aspect of human life. He goes on to demonstrate the application of his method (explained clearly for the layman) in commerce, art, sport, etc. Then he explains its spiritual application, as a path to enlightenment. PowerVsForce.com

Dr. Wayne W. Dyer explores intention as an all-pervading force in the universe that allows the act of creation to take place. Intention, he explains, is not something you do, but an energy you're a part of. Not only do you originate from the field of intention, but if you align yourself to it, your desires become fulfilled and you find yourself at peace. www.drWayneDyer.com

Thom Hartmann is a Project Censored-award-winning, best-selling author, and the host of a nationally syndicated progressive daily radio talk show. Rennaissance thinking about the issues of our day. thomhartmann.com

Modern Technology in Bible Prophecy, by Charles W. Miller www.tip.org

The Peace Gospels of the Essenes

The History of the Origin of All Things, and other historically significant
spiritual books available for free download. Sponsored by Harold Dillard.



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